Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Dragon is in the Tail

Quite some time ago, I wondered about what questions (and answers) should appear in a business plan were one to have something worth propelling into the market place e.g. space experiences.

This means that one would have to evaluate the long term viability of a product, service or experience and its business environment.

Since then, from time to time I have randomly thought of and fleshed out the below questions and later reorganized them again and again for reasons of context.

Only some questions might apply to smaller endeavours while the rest (and more) might apply to riskier, more grandiose or ambitious ventures (especially when people and capital intensive) i.e. size of the business as well as deeper, wider and further reach in terms of market penetration.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pervasive Digital Connectivity - My Shot In The Dark

Apart from the obvious hardware points (i.e. devices and servers), the essence of communications, internet or otherwise, is connectivity enabling signal, presence and power.

So, in spite of the power of the internet in whatever form, its Achilles heel is thus its dependence on connectivity.

And if you think about it, it takes so much “piping infrastructure” to make “fixed point” and “mobile” internet available i.e. cable or wireless via satellite, towers, balloons, drones, etc.

Then, there is the dependence on service provider hardware, their software and metered payments.

To my mind, access to communication should be free and have the characteristics of:

 “Anything, Everything, Anywhere, Everywhere, Anyhow, 
Every How, Anytime, Every Time, All The Time”.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reciprocity: Talk About Going Around In Circles

Something a little odd here... about my last post which I shared to Google+.

True to form thus far (having taken a leaf out of someone's book), rather than leave the post otherwise blank, I thought that using a titbit of the wording would introduce the post nicely in Google+.

This introductory wording, it turns out, is used as a comment to the original shared post in Blogger.

All very circular, or is it recursive? Or just downright confusing?

And, it would seem that this has happened before. I just never thought to look.

To make matters worse, a portion of the opening sentence of the linked post is included in the Google+ post itself anyway below in the automatically generated section.

Though, this is a first for me too. This seems to be a recent development and dependent on the size of the graphic in the post.