Monday, October 20, 2014

Cash Cow With More Teats

As with all products and services competing for the money in one's pocket NOT having a material effect on the collective magnitude of total spending, so too will more delivery agents of advertising not change the size of that spending.

Hence, with a finite funding pool available for advertising, as more delivery agents of advertising in the Mobile and Social space as well as more claimants of advertising revenue come into play, existing players must surely experience the flip-side of the success of a new agent or claimant.

The loss of advertising revenue to Google by others (Yahoo) in the past will in the same way affect Google e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, etc., unless the pool size is enlarged at the same rate of displacement.

With this in mind, I suppose that it is no surprise that Google is lessening its dependency on advertising revenue and expanding in other directions.

Although, YouTube is planning to make a concerted effort to monetize the platform to a far greater extent. Hence, one of the reasons for +Susan Wojcicki moving from Google having made advertising the success that it is, for a repeat performance. So you never really know.

It has occurred to me that Google has a quiet vested interest in expanding the number of people with access to the internet via Android One and Project Loon to partly offset the effect of declining revenues in mature markets, but the newbies are likely to have smaller budgets, the overall effect of which may not compensate adequately.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prized Privacy Apprised

In view of recent revelations on the internet courtesy of iCloud, SnapChat, etc., I think it time to revisit, update and republish this post.

I can only laugh at the human race (tongue-in-cheek for who would laugh at the pain of others)! First we put our whole life online, then we want to quibble about privacy controls and unplanned revelations! Are we just a bunch of mugs, stupid or what?

If you really prize your privacy, forget all about how many and to what extent controls are granular, etc. Forget all these detailed explanations why you should or should not worry.

How do you know that they work at all anyway? Never mind consistently, robustly, etc. that we would like them to! It's all based on trust, don't you think?

Do you really need to be connected, relationships and all, via a social network for all to see, friend and foe alike?

The best way to enhance your security is by remaining disconnected from the Internet as much as you can without rendering yourself inert in terms of today's technology.

Before the internet, privacy was greatly enhanced simply because your persona was not present on a common platform at which all comers can exact their vengeance, etc. Internet presence is pretty much like being a pigeon in the sky for all hunters in the rushes to take a pot shot at.

As it is, you have little understanding or next to none how anything is exacted in digital form, much less anything about security. Yes, what do you really know about the underlying technology that provides the platform, applications, storage, and so on?

Why so naive as to place trust in just about anybody with a secure or non-secure site? Don't want to be left out or behind? You can't be serious!

Virtually all of us place our trust in others and are later "surprised" when things go wrong!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wearables as Meds Delivery Systems

The more recent smart phones incorporate health monitors in their software being made functional by onboard sensors.

With Wearables interacting with paired smart phones, it seems likely that the latter platforms could also be used for medication delivery systems where only minute quantities of medication is required to bring about the necessary physiological change in the wearer.

Of course, this means prefilling small chambers built into the underside of the watch.

Also, delivery by protruding needle or touch pad are the most likely delivery mechanisms.

With a bit of thought, a few other medical applications could also be conceived, bearing in mind that this is not limited to wrist wearables.