Friday, June 5, 2015


Oversupply debases currency no matter the currency e.g. money, pictures, photos, etc.

If you are OK with second best, that's exactly what you get.

Why - When asked a question, it is useful to know why the question is being asked to properly understand its context so that you can answer it according to the context.

The Rise of Advertising Surfaces

With regard to old-style "billboard" digital advertising media, it has occurred to me that there seems to be the perception that there is lot of spare (high quality?) capacity in and on people floating around outside of the formal work space during business and private hours which could be embraced and directed otherwise.

Inter alia, at creating more advertising space in terms of the number of surfaces and surface space in order to create or heighten the level of internet activity with a view to expanding the concurrent surfaces of advertising space for maximizing revenue potential for both the advertiser and delivery agent alike.

But who gains most, delivery agent or advertiser? Irrespective of who, the payments to the surface renderer seem to be regarded as having sufficient financial reward to justify attracting such "capacity" to this arena by means of marketing and training packages plus subscription offerings that can be found made on popular news and collation/dissemination websites.

The challenge then is down to creating "gripping" content. Is it? Or will anything do to capture every "waking moment" to top up irrespective?

And so... Startup School @ Stanford

And so... A frequently used precursor throughout this series so far. Maybe its Stanford speak for more effective flow of conversing.

And so, I came across the first in a series of lectures of "How to Start a Startup"entitled "Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup", probably in the "Recommended" section of my YouTube landing page.

As an outsider, I thought that it would give me an unprecedented interesting look into that world and some of the main players, each of whom is very successful in their niche, and who you are otherwise unlikely to engage in conversation. From Founder to Angel Investors to Venture Capitalists