Sunday, October 26, 2014

+1's Anomaly Versus Page Views

While paging through my older posts for any that could be refreshed with new information for new reader appeal, I came across the above illustrated post.

How is it possible that the number of +1s can be so much greater than the total number of page views i.e. 52,520 versus 708?

Clearly, it is the result of a rather curious technical error.

Camera Shy Blinder II

Recently, I read of a device which would immediately emit a blinding flash of light upon detection of autofocus, or some other camera sensor activity followed by the click of a camera in the direction of the said device.

Typically, such an application is invaluable for celebrities who seldom get a reprieve from imposing paparazzi.

Having written a post shown below on the 30th June 2009, I find it interesting that such a countermeasure has eventuality become a reality, even after so long:

"A device that will discreetly “blind” or distort images of cameras into the direction of which it is pointed. Perhaps a phantom mirage wall could be raised. I don't know, this will be for aliens to devise.

Such a device will be quite useful in the protection of privacy. For example, when someone wishes to leave some place (e.g. hospital) discreetly without having one’s image emblazoned in various media.

Of course, such a device could have various other useful applications. And, will tick off the visual press no end though.

PS. There has been talk of an invisibility cloak by bending light rays. Who knows? This could be a lower tech application thereof!"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cash Cow With More Teats

As with all products and services competing for the money in one's pocket NOT having a material effect on the collective magnitude of total spending, so too will more delivery agents of advertising not change the size of that spending.

Hence, with a finite funding pool available for advertising, as more delivery agents of advertising in the Mobile and Social space as well as more claimants of advertising revenue come into play, existing players must surely experience the flip-side of the success of a new agent or claimant.

The loss of advertising revenue to Google by others (Yahoo) in the past will in the same way affect Google e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, etc., unless the pool size is enlarged at the same rate of displacement.

With this in mind, I suppose that it is no surprise that Google is lessening its dependency on advertising revenue and expanding in other directions.

Although, YouTube is planning to make a concerted effort to monetize the platform to a far greater extent. Hence, one of the reasons for +Susan Wojcicki moving from Google having made advertising the success that it is, for a repeat performance. So you never really know.

(Update: Aha! Subscriptions in lieu of advertising! That is, an alternate revenue stream at the behest of individual users.)

It has occurred to me that Google has a quiet vested interest in expanding the number of people with access to the internet via Android One and Project Loon to partly offset the effect of declining revenues in mature markets, but the newbies are likely to have smaller budgets, the overall effect of which may not compensate adequately.