Monday, November 24, 2014

Internet Ubiquity and Drones As Delivery Systems

With the push of commercial enterprise into the space of drones for the delivery of goods and services, as in the case of Amazon, Google and Facebook, it would seem that the ensuing technology could also be used for nefarious purposes when matured and affordable by just about anybody.

And, this is beyond the bombing or electrical interference of your neighbour's late night inconsiderate parties.

With the modern day epidemic of Ebola in West Africa, who's to say that such deletorious viruses cannot be delivered economically by an antagonistic regime, person or group of people, in multiple locations by the self same technology.

Of course, this could also be applied to the delivery of wide spread cure at arms length in the same economical way.

And so, with the penchant of wide spread internet and drone convenience, we may be also opening ourselves to unintended actions and consequences.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

+1's Anomaly Versus Page Views

While paging through my older posts for any that could be refreshed with new information for new reader appeal, I came across the above illustrated post.

How is it possible that the number of +1s can be so much greater than the total number of page views i.e. 52,520 versus 708?

Clearly, it is the result of a rather curious technical error.

Camera Shy Blinder II

Recently, I read of a device which would immediately emit a blinding flash of light upon detection of autofocus, or some other camera sensor activity followed by the click of a camera in the direction of the said device.

Typically, such an application is invaluable for celebrities who seldom get a reprieve from imposing paparazzi.

Having written a post shown below on the 30th June 2009, I find it interesting that such a countermeasure has eventuality become a reality, even after so long:

"A device that will discreetly “blind” or distort images of cameras into the direction of which it is pointed. Perhaps a phantom mirage wall could be raised. I don't know, this will be for aliens to devise.

Such a device will be quite useful in the protection of privacy. For example, when someone wishes to leave some place (e.g. hospital) discreetly without having one’s image emblazoned in various media.

Of course, such a device could have various other useful applications. And, will tick off the visual press no end though.

PS. There has been talk of an invisibility cloak by bending light rays. Who knows? This could be a lower tech application thereof!"